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Introducing the top 10 most popular women’s Perfume of all time.

The world of fashion is an ever-evolving stage where trends come and go, but one aspect that remains constant is the significance of perfume. It goes beyond merely being a component of personal grooming; it’s an element of self-expression. The choice of fragrance a woman

6 risky behaviors that hurt “kidney” even if you don’t eat salty food

Rajavithi Hospital, Department of Medical Services advises people to take care of their health and to be healthy. Minimize cooking. reduce processed food exercise regularly Abstain from alcoholic beverages Drink enough water and get enough rest. change lifestyle behavior For good hygiene, reduce risk factors for kidney disease. However, patients with chronic kidney disease

What kind of “sore throat” is enough to take antibiotics?

When does anyone have a sore throat? eat disinfectant then be careful because it may risk drug resistance without knowing it What kind of sore throat does the doctor recommend? How can I recover by myself without taking medicine? to reduce the risk of unnecessary drug resistance Asst. Prof. Dr. Pison