Aguero plans to announce retirement from football.

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Aguero plans to announce his retirement from football on Wednesday.

Sky Sports News reports that Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero 33 is set to announce. His retirement from football on Wednesday due to a heart attack.

The former Manchester City and Atletico Madrid. Forward was rush to hospital immediately during. The game against Alaves in October. Doctors say he has an arrhythmia that can be life-threatening if he continues to play.

Kun has only made five appearances for Chao Boon since joining on a free transfer from City due to injury during pre-season. But Pol Pot still found such anomalies, causing him to stay for a long time until he was unable to enter the field for Barça until now.

Previously, Aguero was a legendary striker. English Premier League With the record being the 4th highest scoring player of all time and the highest scoring foreign spearhead in history as well.

Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero has confirmed he is following his doctor’s advice and being treated for an irregular heartbeat. By himself, he is also optimistic that he will be able to return to the field.

Catalunya Radio previously reported that El Gun’s test results were more serious than expected. That might cause him to quit playing football. Hot to the point of having to come out and clarify this matter immediately.