Arteta reveals future Arsenal forwards near end

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Arteta reveals future Arsenal forwards near the end of their contracts.

Mikel Arteta, manager of the Arsenal team of veterans of the Premier League. He was trying to fix the player in the role now located at the juncture of the future of football is fit.

Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah have been feature continuously for the Gunners in the latter stages, while the pair only have contracts until the end of the season and It is likely that there will be no agreement to extend the new contract in any way.

Arteta has revealed that he is working on a solution. Including admitting that if both want to move the team, he can’t hold it as well.

“We had a gloomy atmosphere that was there. At this time we cannot change anything. We are working on a solution and minimizing this matter as much as possible. Including making it as clear as possible. But it’s the situation. We’re facing. because the contract has details The time of the players was drawn every time. And we’re trying to fix this.”

“It depends on every case, it also depends on the situation of the players. Whether number of minutes they are given the opportunity to play their willingness or the offer. But it’s something you have to consider to report UFABET” Arteta said.