Brentford vs Manchester United: 4 Key Premier League

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Brentford vs Manchester United: 4 Key Points Before the Premier League Game.

1. Scroll – not scroll ?

After the game that beat Norwich City 1-0 on Saturday past. There has been bad news. When a number of Manchester United players and staff have been report. To have tested positive for COVID-19. It has not been announ that any player has test positive. But the club has been quarantine. According to government measures. The British media speculate that the number of people infected may not be as high as in the case of Tottenham Hotspur. With more than 10 cases until.

2. Being a freshman but not easy for a big team

Brentford stats this season must said to be quite interesting. Especially as they orbited against big teams since their opening match against Arsenal in a 2-0 win over Arsenal. Can still be tied with Liverpool. The type that opens the face to invade the most fun exchanges. Which the game must say that the newcomer can play without fear, even if it is a giant like the Reds, which the game ends with a 3-3 result. Homecoming wins at West Ham and a narrow 1-0 defeat to Chelsea have all been outstanding performances that Thomas Frank looks set to have a hand in dealing with the big teams this season. The Red Devils are set become. The next victim this Tuesday night.

3. Rangnick’s work is still being question.

Since the arrival of Ralph Rangnick’s Manchester United team, although in the past 3 games they have not lost anyone and won 2, but I must say that the game pictures and results are still there. There are many things that need improve. If you want to step up to be great again in the near future. Which they scored 1 goal per match. plus the latest game from the penalty spot. Despite facing opponents like Norwich, and throughout the game, there are moments where the opponents almost hit the goal many times, still good to have Da Bid de Gea, who returned to good form, saved the team. There are also many questions about “Geken Pressing”, which until now it seems that the Red Devils still have to understand this philosophy enough.