David Moyes vs Goliath Arsenal an unsatisfactory stat

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David Moyes vs Goliath Arsenal and an unsatisfactory stat.

Although the results of the Hammer will look better than many people expected this season. But throughout David Moyes’ 599 Premier League games, including Everton, Manchester United, Sunderland Or, most recently, West Ham, he has never been more afraid of visiting any team than Arsenal .

Whether going north, south, invading Old Trafford, visiting Anfield, even with Stamford Bridge. But until then survived back to the home of the cannons. Who throughout all 17 visits as a manager The Scottish team never came home with three points.

But on this coming Wednesday night Moyes’ Crucial Game – Game 600, another milestone of his. It will be a trip to face Mikel Arteta’s team at the Emirates Stadium.

Frankly, this may not be his only problem as in their last 11 away games against Arsenal. West Ham have suffered 10 defeats together. With their most recent victory coming in 2015. The debut game of Dimitri Payet. who currently moves back to Olympique Marseille, has been completed.

However, this is no longer the West Ham that everyone knows. This is a strong team with unity. It’s strong with everyone acting in line with each other and in fact this might just be the strongest West Ham team. In years considering Moyes just broke the scoring record. Of the club and led the team to win tickets to play in the European League last season. The team have beaten both Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham at home. It also knocked out two giants, Manchester, eliminated from the Carabao Cup in a superior way as well in the current season.

This is nothing new for this team. Even though they finished in 6th place on the grid when the season 2020/21. But West Ham beat the ‘Big Six’ had just the traditional one, which is the Spurs in 25 league games. West Ham’s success comes from maintaining consistency against teams they ‘deserve to win’, and only Newcastle United and Everton (one time) beat them last season from Manchester United. Clubs outside the ‘Big Six’

Mys have also been criticized for taking a cowardly and often over-thinking approach in those games. Parking the bus from the first minute It almost felt like West Ham raised the white flag early on.