Premier League has order clubs PCR testing.

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Premier League has order clubs undergo PCR testing prior to Boxing Day.

The Premier League is set to enact regulation requiring. All clubs to undergo PCR testing for COVID-19 this Christmas. as a preventive measure and search for infected people for everyone’s safety Before playing in the game during the opening day of the gift box

“Boxing Day” will be a competitive game after Christmas. To a report from UFABET As is customary in there will be games in every field that day. for families to have activities together. However with the outbreak of a new strain of Omicron virus. Premier League has announced more stringent testing.

The Premier League player must be teste every week. And all clubs have agreed to have a PCR test one day prior to the game. to protect the other way and if an infection occurs will be able to cope with the steps or cancel the game if necessary.

At this time a number of clubs are facing infection within the club. Including Leicester, Spurs, Manchester United and Arsenal. Some club staff have been infectd. Causing some games to be postpond. The latest match between Brentford and Manchester United has been postpond.

According to the report, has tested 42 cases of the virus in the past week.