Premier League Ranking the 5 best goalkeepers world 2021

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Premier League Ranking the 5 best goalkeepers in the world 2021.

The Welcome to World Class series is back. And we count the first one here.

The goal of the series is not just to find the footballers we think are the best in the world by today’s football standards. But we also use scoring scale to benchmark this ranking.
The preliminary terms in this series of articles are:

World-class footballers are among the best in the world, being one of the top five in that position.

Roles The field positions in our criteria are GK, RB, LB, CB, DM, CM, AM, RF, LF and ST.

All players were voted on in 10 topics.

Consider the performance at both the club level and the national team

5. Ederson (New Entry)

Number of games played: 46 goals
conceded: 35
clean sheets: 22
saves: 74 save
ratio: 67.6%

Manchester City’s No. 1 goalkeeper has been in excellent form in 2021. Lead the team win both the Premier League and the Carabao Cup

without any doubt. With his performances at club level as well. His challenge for the Brazilian national team’s number one goalkeeper with Alisson Becker. Ederson scored well in all measures of 90min without. weaknesses to see

1. Manuel Neuer (1st place)

Number of games played: 46 goals
conceded: 51
clean sheets: 17
saves: 104 saves
ratio: 86.5%

The best goalkeeper in the world in 2021 is Manuel Neuer from Barcelona. Jürn Munich’s

scores in every measure have skyrocketed as he has maintained his consistent form over the years. The legendary goalkeeper has won every trophy he can win with the Tigers and the number of trophies in his showcase has not stopped at

all. On the other hand, he seems to have gotten even hotter in the last few years.