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Stop bad breath caused by bacteria.

Bad breath is a health problem that can be caused by many reasons. Both from eating, smoking, and not maintaining oral hygiene. oral infection as well as the use of certain types of medicines. People with bad breath may lose confidence and become anxious and

Nutritional value of soy milk.

There was one study that tested the effectiveness of cow’s milk. flavored soy milk and calcium supplements. That have an effect on reducing fat in premenopausal women who are obese  and overweight. It was found that the consumption of low-fat milk menu. Such as flavored soy milk

How are depression and weight related?

Each patient with depression will have different symptoms depending on the severity of the disease, gender, and age. This disease makes the patient feel hopeless, sad, lonely, easily irritated, anxious, or feel. That he or she is inferior for a long time 2 weeks or more. And